This is the headline format in this template 

First of all, add all the numbers on your date of birth together until your account ends with just one! For example, if you were born on March 20, 1950, do this simple calculation:

20 + 3 + 1950 = 1973

1 + 9 + 7 + 3 = 20

2 + 0 = 2

 This is an example of a quote. Use the number you got to find out the benefits of your personality according to these qualities

# 1 Inventor: You come up with new and creative ideas and make them easy to apply but in your own way, making you stubborn and arrogant. You are extremely outspoken, and you have to be a diplomat while communicating with others. You like to take the initiative first and be a leader, because you always choose the best.

Subtitle format: Do not like to work under the command of anyone, but prefer to be the director of yourself.

# 2 Diplomacy: Inner peace and respect for others' freedom and feelings are qualities that overwhelm your loving and giving personality. You attach importance to the needs of others before your own needs. You also prefer to analyze things before you make an important step in your life.You don't like to stay alone because you like to make new friends and improve your social life.

You are shy and try to boost your self-confidence to better express yourself, but your personality weakness is hampering your progress.

# 3 Ideal: You are creative in your character, social, picturesque, romantic and take things smoothly. Start the biggest projects without planning, because you are seeking perfection and working hard to succeed with your business!

You also want to make a smile on everyone's face at all costs.

 Secondary title format (character benefits by mole location!)

# 4 Conservation: You are classic and sensitive in nature, looking for routine and order.Don't act until you understand clearly what to do, but when you start working, you put your full energy into the success of your tasks.

You prefer public places because you love to communicate with nature, and you have a patient character but you are stubborn and persistent.

# 5 Adventure: You like discovery and adventure, but your excessive enthusiasm can put you at risk. You reject routine and always need diversity and learn what's new from your everyday experiences in life. Do not stop asking questions because of your curiosity to know the finer details before making the wrong conclusions.

# 6 Romance: You tend to be perfect and you need to benefit others to find happiness. Family ties are very important to you and your actions affect your decision-making. You have an urgent desire to help others in their crises. You are faithful and your role model, which is why you are associated with loyal friends who take your friendship seriously, as you love art and music.

# 7 Educated: You are on an endless journey of search for information that others don't care about. Separate your feelings and mind, and ask questions about all the topics in life, but don't like to ask you questions. You have difficulty getting started because you don't find what motivates you, but you walk a steady pace on the road to success.

You love to keep your secrets private and live in a world of your own that no one can enter.

(Your signature exposes your personality!)

# 8 Leader: You deal with problems with professionalism, rigor, and good judgment. You have big plans and dream of a brilliant future. You have leadership qualities because you are dealing with others objectively, but you should not deal with arrogance because everyone is alienated by your strong and transcendent personality.

# 9 Social: You have a good heart and decent, give everything you have to the end, you have charisma pulls others to you and do not make them feel like strangers from you. You have many different personalities that people sometimes have difficulty understanding. You have a lot of luck, but you have bad mood swings.

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